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Pharmacy & Daily Care Products

ANATS S.A chooses products made from natural materials (ecological) with a sensitivity for the protection of children of early age.

We also choose adult care products and protection products for the ultimate service and upgrading of their quality of life.

Pharmacies products/thermometers/ear plugs/

Foot skin care/ Rollove for dry skin and calluses

Sun protection/Gloves: Latex/nitrile/ vinyl/ PE Gloves/Copolymer/Kitchen Gloves/ Natural perfumes/ alcoholic beverages/insect repellent spray/ spray with essential oils for environment/ after bite/ disinfectants

Creamy soap/Alcohol swabs/ cleansing wipes/shampoo caps/Moisturizing wipes with Aloe Vera/ ice spray/ice bags flexible/ crayon styptic/ razors/pill cutters/ pill pulverizer and cutter cases for artificial teeth/pregnancy test/ set irrigaters/ vaginal douche/under pads/ paper sheets/absorbent sheets/ foot sole/condoms/batteries/KY-Gel 82gr /portable aspiration device for bites