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Coronation Hot Water Bottle (Hands Free)

Coronation Hot Water Bottle (Hands Free)
Manufacturer: Coronation
SKU: 015-16-011

Coronation Hot Water Bottle (Hands Free)

Minor aches and pains can happen to anyone, but that shouldn't stop you from doing what you love most. The Coronation hot water bottle is used as a natural body warmer or for heat therapy; it soothes those pesky aches and pains so you can enjoy life to the fullest!

Plus, the special wrap-around band allows you to do what you do without having to hold the bottle.


Manufactured to British Standard BS 1970 : 2012
Capacity: 1.5 L



Relief from arthritic and rheumatic pains
Sports aches and pains
Stomach & Back pains
Pains and aches
Bed warmer
Soothing for children and the elderly
Joint pain
Muscle cramps
Muscle pulling