Electric heating pad TERMO-SAFETY 60. Dimensions: 32x40 cm Alternative current: 220-240V / 50Hz / 60 Watt With controller of 3 positions (1-2-3). With detachable washable cover.
Manufacturer: Termo-Safety
SKU: 324-16-001

Electric heating pad TERMO-SAFETY 60

This heating pad is fitted with a special safety appliance which can automatically regulates the temperature conveniently, by turning the power ON / OFF at regular intervals. The maximum temperature of the heating pad allowed by the standard requirements is sure to user safety.
Please read the instructions carefully and thoroughly before using the heating pad.

Alternative current: 220-240V / 50Hz
Maximum power: 60W
Measurements: 32x40 cm
Cover: Cotton towel cover

The heating pad is used for well being and not for any medical purposes . Heat influences the blood flow and relaxes the muscles.
The heating pad is equipped with a control unit with 3 positions:
0-off; 1-minimum temperature; 2-medium temperature; 3-maximum temperature and again ooff.
Before turning the heating pad on, check that the control unit is on 0 position, then put the plug in the socket.
For rapid heating, select level 3, after a few minutes the heating pad will already be pleasantly warm. Place it on the part of the body you wish to heat and select the desired temperature.
Do not use the appliance to heat animals.
For best heating results, keep the heating pad covered so that the heat is not lost when the power is turned off.
When the appliance is likely to be used for an extended period, for instance by the user falling asleep, controls should be adjusted to level 2 for continuous use.
Do not use the appliance when falling asleep.
When the appliance is likely to be used for an extended period, it suggested that the control should be adjusted to level 1.