Foam cushions for corns & calluses. 8 pcs. Various dimensions. 2 pcs Large (Oval shape), 3 pcs. Medium (Oval shape), 2 pcs. Medium (Round shape). EVERYRAYS Italy.
Manufacturer: Everyrays
SKU: 257-15-503


Soft cushions of soft, stretch and breathable polyethylene foam, with oval or round shape, central hole and hypoallergenic adhesive layer – 8 pcs per box with different shapes.

Polyethylene foam cushions. Soft cushions of stretch and breathable polyethylene foam, with oval or round shape. They have a central hole to be centered onto the corn or callus, hypoallergenic adhesive side to hold the foam cushions in place and a transparent polyethylene outer film layer, to prevent from dirt and humidity penetration.
The box contains 8 pieces with assorted sizes:
- no. 2 pcs: oval LARGE
- no. 3 pcs: oval MEDIUM
- no. 3 pcs: round MEDIUM
 Soft and hypoallergenic foam cushion
 Immediate pain relief, caused by uncomfortable shoes or toes deformities
 The central hole distributes the pressure around the area
 The ring shape is designed to adapt to both hard and soft corns.

Application Instructions: Foam Cushions for corns and calluses are disposable, non-sterile and should be considered as devices which are not invasive, with short-term use. They do not require special skills or information for their use.
1. Make sure the foot skin is dry and clean
2. Pull the foam cushion from the release paper and remove the central round part
3. Apply the cushion by centering the inner hole onto the callous or corn
4. Gently apply pressure on the cushion to adhere to the skin.

Precautions: Disposable and single use. Non-sterile. Reuse may cause infection. In case of allergic reaction, discontinue use immediately. Do not use in case of infection. Before use, check the integrity protective wrapping. If reusing after use, it can cause infections: in this case consult a doctor.
Production Standard:
In compliance with Official Pharmacopoeia in force.
Legislative decree 46/97 in compliance with Directive 93/42/CEE, Annex VII paragraph 3 and Annex V.
Legislative Decree 46/97 on Medical Devices classify this product, for EC marking, in Class I.

- Primary packaging: box of 8 pieces.
- Secondary packaging: Carton including 48boxes.
Conserve in a clean and dry place, with a temperature not higher than 50°C. Hygienical conditions of product are guaranteed only with intact packaging.
Expiry date:
Valid for 5 years from date of manufacture. The expiry date refers to the product correctly storage.
Disposal has to be conducted according to National Agreement.
The incineration or disposal should be carried out under supervision. If the product has not been in contact with infections agents or other hazardous materials produce no toxic residue.