Kit Everyrays, 1 professional callous remover roll Rollove + 1 anti-crack foot cream + 1 emollient cream. EVERYRAYS Italy.
Manufacturer: Everyrays
SKU: 257-70-002

Beauty Feet Kit Everyrays Footcare

Kit Everyrays with Professional Rollove callus remover, anti-crack foot cream and emollient foot cream.

Single box in box with window, including:
· 1 Rollove
1 Emmolient foot cream
1 Anti-crack foot cream
· 1 Foot Care Head
· 1 Nail Care Head
· 1 cleaning brush
· 2 alkaline batteries (2x1,5 V AA)
· 1 instruction manual


Description: Professional callous remover for foot care and nail care, battery Activated
Use and description:
This Callous Remover is a professional, waterproof callus remover for foot care and nail care, created tosmooth dry, rough and calloused skin on the feet and to polish nails.
Unique rollers grinding spins 360degrees, at 40 times a second,300 degrees wide angle.
This Callous Remover is designed to use on feet andhands both dry and wet. The device is battery activated (2x1,5 V AA) and equipped with ON/OFF switch,
safety switch lock and protective cover.

Physical data:
Lenght: cm 15
Width: cm 5
Height: cm 3
Weight: gr 140
Color: white
Decorative parts: green
Type: nr. 2 x 1,5 V AA alkaline batteries
Power circuit: 3 Vdc
Control circuit: 3 Vdc


The anti-crack foot cream is designed to enable an active process of skin repair, stimulating a fast and natural regenerating process of dry and cracked skin around the heel. Stop heel cracking and soothes the skin, leaving it soft and smooth.


UREA 5% penetrates dee pinto the epidermis, maintaining hydration and rehydrating within even the driest and most crackeed skin, leaving it moisturized and soft.
ALOE Soothing, anti-redness properties
KARITE BUTTER Soothing and moisturizing
CUPUACU Reinforces and moisturizes of the skin. Non-oily and deeply penetrates without leaving streaks, increases the elasticity and vitality.
COCOA BUTTER Emollinet and protective properties.
PANTHENOL Soothing, helping to keep the skin healthy and supple
VITAMINS C and E Antioxidant properties.


Cream with high regenerating power for every feet type, giving a soft and supple skin. Its acts on the factors of dry atopic and soothes the skin.


UREA/MONOSACCHARIDES/AMINO With the ability to stimulate microcirculation
OLIO MARULA Nourishing, moisturizing with a softening and revitalizing action on the skin
ALLANTOIN Leave soft, supple and velvet skin.
ALOE Soothing, anti-redness properties.
OATS EXTRACT Moisturizing, anti-itching and anti irritating.
PANTHENOL Soothing, helping to keep the skin healthy and supple
KARITE BUTTER Soothing and moisturizing
VITAMINS C and E Antioxidant properties.