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Infrared thermometer Safety A.T./G

Infrared thermometer Safety A.T./G
Manufacturer: Safety A.T./G
SKU: 699-14-001

Infrared thermometer Safety A.T./G

An infrared thermometer is a device that measures the infrared radiation - a type of electromagnetic radiation below the visible light spectrum - emitted by an object. The most basic design of infrared thermometers consists of a lens to focus the infrared thermal radiation into a detector, which converts the radiation energy into an electrical signal. This configuration facilitates the measurement of temperature from a distance, without the need for contact with the object to be measured.

Model: AXD 515

Displayed temperature range: 35.0°C(89.6°F)-42.9°C(109.2°F)
Operating environment: 10.0°C-40.0°C (50.0°F-104.0°F) RH≤95%
Atmospheric pressure: 80~106kPa
Resolution: 0.1°C/ 0.1°F
Display type: Liquid crystal display with backlight
Automatic operation: < 2 minutes
Memory:15 recordings
Transport and storage conditions:-20.0°C-55.0°C (-4.0°F-131.0°F) RH≤95%
Atmospheric pressure: 80~106kPa
Laboratory measurement accuracy 35.0°C/95.0°F~42.0°C/107.6°F:±0.2°C/±0.4°F 32.0°C/89.6°F~34.9°C/94.8°F: ±0.3°C/±0.5°F 42.1°C/107.8°F~42.9°C/109.2°F:±0.3°C/±0.5°F
Power supply: DC3V (2*AA batteries)
Temperature: Backlighting
37.5°C-37.9°C: Orange
38.0°C-42.9°C: Red