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Medical Mask 3 ply with loops.

Medical Mask 3 ply with loops.
Manufacturer: Safety AT/G
SKU: 445-30-010


  1.        Instructions of use.

Unfold the mask and push it against your face with the long nose bar on the top.

Press the nose bar from the inside to outside with your fingertips and move to cheek.

Adjust the loops behind the ears.

Fully unfold the mask from top to bottom to cover the nose and mouth and fit the face.


  1.       Precautions.

-          Adjust the nose clip with both hands.

-          Disposable masks can only be used once.

-          It should be replaced in time after the mask is wet.


  1.       How to remove the mask.

-          Do not touch the front of the mask (contaminated surface).

-          Remove the loops from the ears one at a time.

-          Hold one loop of the mask by hand and throw it into the waste container.