Vendi Stevia Classic-Line

Chocolate without added sugar, with Stevia packed in 32 pieces in 4 delicious flavors: chocolate milk with almond pieces, chocolate milk with orange pieces, chocolate health with hazelnut pieces, chocolate milk with caramel pieces. Suitable for people suffering from Diabetes.
Manufacturer: Relkon
SKU: 516-66-200

Vendi Stevia Classic-Line

Chocolate without added sugar, with Stevia (natural sweetener):


1. chocolate milk with pieces of almond

2. chocolate milk with pieces of orange

3. chocolate health with hazelnut pieces

4. chocolate milk with caramel pieces


Packaging: Stand 32 pcs.

In collaboration with the Athens Diagnostic Center of the HYGEIA group and the diabetes scientists Christos Zoupas and Petros Thomakos, the clinical study of Vendi Milk Chocolate with Stevia and Vendi Chocolate Bitter with Stevia was launched in 2013, demonstrating that it is Low Glycemic Index and Low Glycemic Load. Consuming such foods is important, not only for those suffering from diabetes and those who want to lose weight, but also for those who care for their diet.

Vendi chocolates are produced in Belgium, with a recipe adapted to the tastes of the Greek consumer. We use Belgian chocolate with a high cocoa content, which, combined with nuts or fruits, makes chocolates crisper and light, giving a sense of satisfaction when consuming them. Nowadays Vendi chocolates, in addition to their ever-growing market in the Greek market, have also conquered countries in Europe, the Middle East, and Canada.

Stevia is a plant species from South America. It contains a substance called steviose or steviol and has many times more sweetening power than sugar. It is used in several countries as an alternative sweetener from sugar. Starch sweeteners do not contain carbohydrates and do not affect blood glucose. They also do not produce energy (calories) and can help reduce or maintain normal weight.